Exploring the land of Refosco di Faedis



Refosco has been known since ancient times as a wine of great renown. In all banquets and parties among Friuli wines, Refosco was always been present in the company of Picolit, Ribolla and Ramandolo.

Already the Romans praised its qualities and the particular color of the cluster, intense and dark, so as to call it Racimulus fuscus, an expression later translated into the vulgar ràp fosc, dark cluster, which is the current name.

In the first documents date back to 1347, we find them mentioned in the annals of the Municipality of Udine, where it is described among the most valuable and highest-priced vines. And it is precisely here, in Faedis, that this wine erects its home.

A country where, thanks to its geographical position and weather conditions, the Refosco feels like the real King. This wine is produced by Di Gaspero Flavia and Umberto and in the Ronc Dai Luchis wineries.

At the edge of the woods...

Experience 01

// From 4:00 PM


What is hidden behind a glass of Refosco?

The aromas and flavors of this drink come from the sun's rays, from the humidity of the earth and from the love of those who take care of it. We offer you the opportunity to follow the slow transformation that makes the grape a fine wine, starting from the branch to get to the cellar.

In fact, your journey starts from the vineyard and continues inside the woods, a magical place where legends and history mingle among the tangle of vegetation. A hiking route composed of emotions, trees, castles, quarries and vines all made more magical by the narrative voice of the winemaker, who will make you transmit the love she feels for these places.

The walk ends in the premises of the Di Gaspero company Flavia and Umberto where the raw material becomes vegetale ambrosia, the wine that you can taste with the pleasure of knowing the stages of its production.

The Location

A toast to Roccolo di Ronc by Luchis

Experience 02

// From 6:00 PM

Walking through the Ronc vineyards of the Luchis who have generously offered us their fruits for over a hundred years, you can rediscover the ancient viticulture full of small gestures and attentions that have made these long-lived plants. Going up the gentle slope of the hills you will find yourself in front of geometric rows of Refosco interspersed with thick foliage full of black olives.

Roccolo is our goal.

Fortress consisting of high walls of hedges and hornbeams, testifying to what was once the bird-catching, a practice deeply rooted in the tradition of our territory. The shoulders protected by the castles and the nearby pre-Alps, the gaze on the varied Friuli plain, a unique glimpse of our territory. How to crown this moment if not with a good wine? We will descend again to the valley where in the basement of the cellar, surrounded by carved barrels you will finally taste the Refosco di Faedis.

The Location

The price includes

  • Guided tour of the vineyards on the edge of the forest
  • Tasting of 4 wines: Le Cave, Friulano, Refosco di Faedis and Merlot (Di Gaspero Flavia and Umberto)
  • Visit to the vineyard
  • Visit to Roccolo
  • Visit to the olive grove
  • Visit to the cellar
  • Tasting of 4 wines: NUI or sparkling wine obtained from Verduzzo, Friulano, Refosco di Faedis and Franconia (Ronc dai Luchis)


It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes

Exploring the land of Refosco di Faedis

Languages: IT

Duration: 4 hours

Partecipants: 2 - 20



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